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Symmetry at Duncan Lodge


You care about your loved one.

You play a role in their recovery. Symmetry helps family and friends of people in recovery learn how to be a positive source of support during the recovery journey. (Learn more)


Recovery is a personal journey.

Your first steps to recovery at Symmetry will place you on the best path for your success. From your drug addiction to your mental health needs, treatment at Symmetry covers all aspects of your wellness. (Learn more)

tab-proTreatment at Symmetry is designed to quickly stabilize clients, implement effective treatment strategies, coordinate care and discharge clients back to their lives, connected with the supports that will make recovery a reality. Our program is informed by the most effective methods and focuses on what our clients need to get on the path to recovery. (Learn more)


Referrals are accepted at Symmetry 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call toll free 855.796.9100.

Person-Centered Treatment

Symmetry focuses on the whole person—helping clients achieve a balance of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Making Recovery Possible

An essential part of treatment at Symmetry is comprehensive discharge planning that addresses your needs for maintaining recovery.